About Us

Theecode is a realm where innovation is not just a concept, but a way of life. Born out of a relentless pursuit to solve age-old challenges, Theecode is the brainchild of two visionary engineers who recognized that dreams should not wait, they should happen now.

Our Team

Meet the heart and soul of Theecode – our exceptional team that's making waves in the world of technology. Picture this: a group of tech aficionados, each with their own unique set of skills, all driven by an unshakable passion for coding and innovation. From crafting lines of code that breathe life into our ideas, to ensuring every Checkpoint is crossed for risk and compliance, our team works together seamlessly to turn challenges into triumphs.

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Who We Are ?

Our founders, Khaleel and Arun, with over 30+ years of combined expertise in the Telecom, Legal, Healthcare, Insurance and IT Services industry, driven by their Tenacity and Passion to code, have an unwavering belief that “Customers” should have the power to bring their dreams to reality with their own hands and should get the Best Product and Best Service irrespective of their Balance sheet and envisioned a Robust, Agile and Reusable Technology Framework.

That was the “Aha” moment and “Theecode”, a Product Engineering Company was born.

Theecode’ bootstrapped with 2 engineers in 2018, carries the core value as the name “Thee” signifies

  • "You" code your Aspiration
  • "You" code your Vision
  • "You" code your Triumph
  • for both Customer and Employees.

Today we have grown to a 40+ Global Team and has made around $2+ million annual revenue by helping businesses deploy tech solutions across the United States, Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

What We Do ?

Today’s Business environment is all about ‘Speed’, ‘Efficiency’ and embrace Digital & Technological Innovation. However, Businesses end up spending Millions of Dollars to Build and continuously maintain their Products.

Technology partnerships should foster innovation and a ‘litany of errors’ has caused businesses to succumb due to such partnerships.

We build Business Use cases Quickly, Swiftly and Efficiently with our Pro-Serv (Product – Service Hybrid) Model.

Theecode’s AI based NO-CODE Platform builder helps businesses go online in record time. To be precise... in 60 seconds.

We offer Full-Service SaaS Products;
  • GLENZY (A Global Lending Ecosystem Financial Institutions to build, launch, and scale Embedded Lending, Banking, and Fintech products)
  • SAYSHOP (A Headless CMS and Marketing suite for Small to Enterprise Businesses).

We also offer Bespoke Software Implementations across various domains like POS, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Lending, Payments, ERP and CRMs.

We enable FinTech and other industries to meet Compliance & Regulatory Standards by offering comprehensive Risk & Compliance consulting services that caters through our expert Team of Security Specialists.

Why We Do it?

We firmly stand by the notion that,

“Quality is more than an accomplishment; it's a commitment.”

Our Mission

Democratize technology for startups, businesses, retailers, and enterprises alike and enable easy and cost-effective technology development, cutting down time and expenses compared to traditional methods of software delivery.

Our Vision

To build a Global Technology Ecosystem that's open, secure, compliant, inclusive, and connected across domains and carve every business into a tech-driven venture.

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