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  • Configurable
  • No-code
  • Customizable
We provide a vertical agnostic SaaS Platform for Lenders, Credit Unions, Banks and Retailers, so they can:
Automatically deploy new loan products
Seamlessly KYC/KYB borrowers using a plethora of Identity services
Instantly underwrite using Conventional and Alternate Credit data
Quickly Private Label the ‘Out of the box’ solution
Effortlessly Configure their own Loan Application and Workflow
Completely Customize their Implementation by using our strong 40+ Engineering and Analytics team within 4 weeks
All the above with a Launch cycle of 60 Seconds!

Loan Origination System (LOS)

Our Loan Origination System (LOS) is extremely efficient and easy to use, providing a seamless experience for Digital borrowers and Dealers.As a financial institution or service provider, using our LOS sets you apart from the competition. See more.

Our LOS improves efficiency, simplifies processes, and speeds up response times throughout the loan origination cycle, including loan applications, underwriting, decisions, and loan funding. We don't just provide a basic solution, but we offer a customizable LOS tailored to your specific needs. Your institution is unique, and with our various customization options, you can explore new possibilities in Digital Lending world. show less

  • Easy user onboarding interface
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Built-in verification and credit scoring
  • Real-Time Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless EKYC and document submission process
  • Third-party data integration
  • Centralised access for lenders

AI Powered Decision Engine

Our AI-powered Decision Engine, which is a rules-driven automation platform, utilizes vertical specific algorithms and rules defined by the lender to make decisions based on the borrower's criteria. It streamlines the decision-making process and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of the business. See more.

The engine analyzes data from various sources such as credit bureau reports, bank statements, expense reports, SMS data, accounting software, credit scores, identity verification, and income data, to ensure accurate and conclusive approvals or denials. The system also incorporates a human element to further enhance the decision-making process and gives complete control over the standards that must be met for approvals. This enables us to efficiently and quickly complete the hours-long process of verification and eligibility in a fraction of a less

  • Scalability to handle data from multiple system.
  • Grading system with High Accuracy
  • Maintaining statistical credit score records
  • AI-powered decision making
  • Data preparation and engineering

Loan Management System (LMS)

Our Loan Management System (LMS) offers a user-friendly interface for lenders to manage complete loan life cycle i.e, origination, serving the borrowers and ensures timely collection as per repayment schedule. The system is designed for efficiency, with a focus on error-free operation and robust security of data & documents. Additionally, our LMS is highly customizable to meet specific business needs.See more.

Our LMS offers centralized access with multiple communication channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp etc, and an admin dashboard as well as role centric dashboard for various roles within the organization. Our Loan Management System (LMS) provides comprehensive reports Track loan applications, re-verify credit worthiness of borrower, loan disbursement, processing fees and interest rates, collaterals (in case of auto loan GPS is used) and repayment calendar. These reports can be generated for individual borrowers and dealers, and evaluate the performance of the merchant and product offered.The system's reporting feature allows for easy visualization and understanding of the direction of the business. show less

  • Loan Origination and Loan Servicing Interface
  • Articulated statistics and reports for each borrower
  • Centralised access and highly secure
  • A coherent debt-collecting process with multiple options ( Cards/ Cheques/ Cash/ E-Wallet/ ACH)
  • Flexible and customisable
  • Multiple communication channels