The journey of a Fintech Client with ATG and Theecode

How at ATG (Alchemy Technologies Global) we enable our Clients from Initiation to Execution on their journey to become a Fintech Leader.

With 4 Phases - Discovery > Implement > Launch and > Support we launch your Fintech product within weeks.


1. Fill up the Onboarding Checklist
2. Choose your Type of Business
3. Are you looking for Extension of current product or New Product
4. White label or Private Label preferred
5. Choose between LOS,LMS or LOS + LMS
6. Go Web or Mobile First
7. Choose your desired Portal/Persona
8. Pickup the Workflow you need for your Product like LeadGen, Onboarding, Identity Verification, Business Verification, Credit Pull, Bank Verification, Underwriting for Offers, Signing Ceremonies, Reports, Analytics, Payment Disbursal, Payment Gateways, Communication Channels, ACH/Nacha,
9. MVP Launch
10. Support and Beyond.

Are you curious on how we could become your Launchpad ?
DM or Email us Hi@Atg.Money,,

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